March 5, 2024

The University of Pennsylvania is evaluating a training program for caregivers to improve sleep in Dementia patients

Sleep (circadian rhythm) disorders occur in most people with dementia.

Symptoms include late afternoon/evening agitation (for example, sundowning) and irregular sleep-wake rhythms such as daytime excessive sleepiness, frequent night waking, and poor sleep efficiency.

These symptoms are associated with increased rates of disease and death and decreased quality of life.

In this trial, over a 1-month period, participants will receive eight in-home visits and telephone-based sessions from a trainer. Caregivers will be educated on home-based activities to improve the sleep-wake patterns of the care recipients.

They will practice each activity under the supervision of the trainer and then on their own. During the study, the person with dementia will wear a bracelet that measures waking and sleeping time and will be evaluated for neuropsychiatric behaviors.

To check out the inclusion and exclusion criteria, please visit:

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